gare 6/7 luglio 2019 ocr italia calendario

OCR races in Italy on 6/7th July 2019

The OCR season is hot, therefore the races are multiplying. Six appointments for this weekend, of which two races will have an event on...

The Race Series in Italian OCR

The race series are defined as races handled by the same organizer that take place in different contexts, and which normally - at the...

The future for penalties in OCR

L'intervista di Mauro Leoni, FIOCR, a Stefan Biedermann, OCRA Germany, è lo spunto per vedere le ipotesi di sviluppo delle OCR e le penalità all'ostacolo.

About the race: Spartan Maggiora, dated 30th March 2019

To all participants in the Spartan Race Maggiora ?I invite you to fill out a survey (easy going) to evaluate your impressions and provide...

TEAM RACES in Italian OCRs

In the world of individual sport like OCR it is somewhat unnatural finding a way to create an aggregative event like a team competition,...

OCR World Championship by FISO, News on March 2020

Mauro Leoni, by FIOCR, intervies Alisa Petrova and Dylara Sadilova, about the OCR WORLD CAHMPIONSHIP by FISO in Sochi, September 2020

OCR races for weekend 9/10 march 2019

Next weekend the center of Italy will be the location for your OCRs - In Urbania (Pesaro Urbino, Umbria) an OCR specific traning,...

Qualifying OCR races in Italy

The qualifying OCR races are races that allow qualification to events outside the Italian scene, typically international and / or world competitions organized by...

We’re humble to the situation – English version

L'intervista che Mauro Leoni, presidente della FIOCR, ha tenuto con Malin Spang, presidente della EOSF, prende spunto dall'annullamento degli OCREC per analizzare la situazione dell'OCR ai tempi del Coronavirus

Russia adds obstacle courses to the “Register of sports”

Russia includes OCR as a sport discipline in the National register