Circuits in Italian OCR series


Not only FIOCR and SPARTAN race are present in Italy as main OCRs organizers.. Absolutely not! Over the years there have been different realities that – having different purposes (business, will to spread the sport, will to propose different activities) – have formed associations that offer competitions affiliated with their own championship, which we will call CIRCUITS.

Further, since a few years, competitions that are part of international circuits have decided to propose their own branded race in Italy
In ORr Calendar Italy, the main categories are tagged this way:

  • FIOCR : the Italian OCR Federation is the largest in the Italian scene. The FIOCR championship has a wide number of athletes and races scattered throughout the boot. The Italian OCR Championship is organized by the federation, which also organizes regional championships, and works to spread this sport in Italy
  • SPARTAN RACE : this is the most famous international circuit. It comes from America is historically the oldest in Italy, so thousands of athletes can be found at every Spartan event. The official spartan championship (called Italian Series) is one of the most prestigious.
  • ASIOCR : the Italian OCR Sports Associations are a newly established circuit (at the time of writing). It includes competitions located mostly in Lazio, and is expanding
  • APULIA OCR Series: this circuit is not a real association (so much so that it is called “series”), but more a set of competitions located exclusively in Puglia, but that have a general classification and precise regulations
  • K1 OCR Challenge: this circuit was opened first in 2019. It differs from all the others because the races are very short (k1 = 1 km, approximately) and characterized by a high density of obstacles. Although is recently established, it is very popular
  • Independent OCR : if the race is not part of any circuit but it is an event, on the OCR Calendar Italy is defined as “Independent OCR ”
  • International circuits : are – as we said above – Italian circuit races that have European races (not as famous and widespread as the Spartan, to understand). 2019 will see the Tough Mudder, Virgin and Legion Run as stars of these races, while the Strongman Run (historic race in Rovereto) will no longer be the protagonist of the Italian scene. The Crazy 5k run, 5km run with enflatable osbstacles, will be present as well
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