OCR races in Italy on 6/7th July 2019


The OCR season is hot, therefore the races are multiplying. Six appointments for this weekend, of which two races will have an event on Saturday and one on Sunday. If you are travelling to Italy, you can find any place to enjoy

  • Monza Power Run is a classic event in the Italian OCR scene. A goliardic, non-competitive race that takes place inside the real racetrack of Monza (Lombardy)! Show won’t be the obstacles, but the disguises of the people who run it, and in the spirit. In fact the race is a charity race, all the profits are totally donated to support the fight against leukemia.
    On Saturday 6th July, at 6.00 pm, the 12 km run with 30+ obstacles.
    On Sunday 7 July, in the morning, we run the 5km.
    It’s definitely an event not to be missed for those who want to have fun with an OCR and – why not – do charity!
  • Cross X Race splits the event in two moments, inside an OCR circuit defined according to international rules (technical term: coded). It takes place at the CISM (if you want to learn more about the acronyms, I suggest you our article), in the military gym circuit of pentathlon athletes. There will be a qualifying circuit (on classic OCR obstacles) and, based on the time of arrival, the starting grid will be drawn up. The actual race will take place on the coded circuit. Therefore, the event promises to be very interesting, and is part of the ASI OCR championship
  • Fibreno Obstacle Race is the most important race on the AICS circuit, as it is a one shot race that entitles the AICS OCR national champion, Lello Capasso is the main director, and we had an interview. We managed to obtain exclusive advances. The race, which will be held at Lake Posta Fibreno (Lazio) in a nature reserve, will see a new obstacle present in the race and under construction by the Sora Cross Training. “The name of the new obstacle will be Shuttle Pipe and it will be the whole of a launch ramp of over two meters to which a completely vertical wall of almost two and a half meters is superimposed, for a total of 4.50 of height”
    HERE IS EXCLUSIVELY the video of the testing phase before final assembly

The first test of the new Shuttle Pipe obstacle: a launch ramp towards infinity, and beyond.
The exclusive characteristic of the new obstacle will be, unlike other such walls, not to be permanently in a bootcamp but can be transported and reused in other OCR sites or competitions organized by Sora Cross Training or by those who request it. Nothing was allowed to know “on the landing”, it only remains to DISCOVER it to those who will participate in the race!

  • Braveheart Race, from Pralormo (Piedmont), is one of the most awaited events. In facts, the race is part of the regional championship Piedmont / Val d’Aosta by FIOCR, and is immersed in the Piedmontese green. We interviewed Fabio Garbin, soul and heart of the race: “The last edition was a good race, and this year the race organized by us in Chieri was a great success, with excellent evaluations by the athletes. For this edition, we have raised the bar. We have six obstacles in suspension, and four of these are rigs. Obviously they are all feasible, even if the final one will certainly be the most challenging, although not impossible. In fact we want to offer quality for the most experienced athletes, and at the same time we want to give incentives for those approaching this sport for the first time. Our race takes place in a fascinating natural environment “.
    Registrations will close on Friday, but for those who still want to register we remember the discount code worth € 5:
    link to registration here, you can still register on the site that morning.
  • In Gussago (Lombardy) the Franciacorta Cross Race will be repeated. It’s a cross country race of about 8 km immersed in the Franciacorta mountains, an area known for good wine lovers. Alberto Ungaro, patron of the course, gives us some anticipation: “There will be 20+ obstacles: from the most classic ones like the Monkey Bar and the climbing of the rope, to refreshing obstacles like crossing a container full of fresh water! The peculiarity of the race is that we will cross the Franciacorta Adventure Park. It is a new adventure park, with crossings on ropes, very special and challenging climbs “. For nature lovers, families and children not to be missed.
  • ENDAS championship, the K1 OCR Challenge, goes on. The fourth race (out of six) will take place in the park of the aqueducts of Rome (Lazio) and will be .. a little different from the others. Jean Freeman explains it to us: “We listen to the athletes. Are you asking for transportation? And we – news for this type of race – we put a transport of about thirty meters. Are we asking for a new obstacle? And we invent a square Z-wall with different sockets on each side. Do you wonder what’s new? We join the sport climbing association, which provides us with a wall of just under three meters”. It’s a short track, but it will be very tough for those who want tro face it!
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