OCR races on 17/19th May in Italy


May 19th is the most crowded day for OCR races in Italy, with 7 races at the same time. Let’s see them (in order from North to South)

  • In Molveno (Trentino) there will be the third edition of the X-Warrior X-Trail, a trail immersed in the woods and around Lake Molveno which main point is the landscape. The artificial obstacles are balanced along the way, and the ascent of the stream is one of the most memorable passages of the journey. Finally, photography will always be shoot by Alessandro Annunziata.
  • The Warrior Run Italia takes place in an equally evocative setting, the Spondone Oasis in Livorno (Tuscany). Massimo Melis, who has kept the details of the race hidden until today, is revealed by OCR Italia Calendar: “The Oasis is fantastic and full of lakes, so water will be an obstacle. There will be two swimming sections, of which one is over 100 m long.There will be rigs, trenches, technical obstacles: in short there will be fun, and on Sunday it will be possible to sign up for competitive mode, a novelty: the same route, timed, with time obstacles penalties “. There is still time to register for this race that promises to be very interesting.
  • Again in Lazio, at Cinecittà World, the WAS staff moves to organize the Cinecittà World edition, the race of the same name. The previous race in Latina was the confirmation of a technical OCR, very tough. We asked the organizers for a preview about the race but they told us “sorry we are busy deciding which obstacle to put in the arena that was the stage of Ben Hur’s chariot race .. I hope you understand“. We understand definitively!
  • At the gates of Rome, Genazzano, the new edition of the Contractors obstacle race is ready. This race has 60 artificial (yes, sixty) and 10 natural obstacles, which will not be the main impediment! So, Jean Freeman tells us that “being the route developed on two motocross tracks, the race on the hills, the jumps and the curves will be the points that will put the athletes to the test. The format has been running for years, the participation always high: we are aware that it will be a good race
  • The MudRun OCR Experience, in Frosinone (Lazio) is the second stage of the ASIOCR championship, but is closed only to ASI affiliated members. It’s a special team test.
  • In Puglia, in the Cimino Park of Taranto (yes, just the same where the most famous SPARTAN RACE will be held) the Spartan Gym group Taranto has organized a FREE OCR promotional event called Cimino Games. The organizers tell us that: “the aim is to spread this sport of ours. We want to create this and other small free events. The goal is bringing together those who have never experienced this activity full of energy and satisfaction. The circuit will be completed in two laps from 1 km with 10 obstacles open to children and adults under the supervision of Spartan Gym and Unicorn Gym We hope that sooner or later the municipal authority will learn that, in the territory of Taranto, there are guys who spend energy and passion for the good of your land
  • Last but not least, the Nature Race #Sea, in Villasimius (Sardinia). Third stage of the FIOCR OCR National Championship, stage of the regional championship and of the Nature Race Series, promises to be very difficult. The list of obstacles, the route, and altimetry have already been disseminated, so the organization is therefore meticulous. The organization tells us about the new obstacles: “the quarter pipe at the end will be the new obstacle that we hope athletes will enjoy. As for the rig, we decided to keep the structure already seen in Arborea in the FIOCR Italian Cup in 2018, it will be very similar: we don’t want to keep it so secret because other rigs are on the track, furthermore there are transports and above all the passages at various points that will amuse the athletes “.
    Seems like the weekend in the Sardinian land awaits all the athletes!
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