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FIOCR (OCR Italian Federation) keeps with its international interviews during the Coronavirus pandemic. This time, we met the organizers of federal OCR World Championships, two representatives of Russian Federation. Dilyara Sadikova (vice-president of OCRA Russia) and one of the most representative athletes: Alisa Petrova.
We remember very well Alisa.

Alisa Petrova, interviewed by OCR Calendar, 2019 OCR World Championships

Alisa was the Gold winner at most recent (and only) Elite Female Sprint and Elite Female Super in Mallorca, Spartan Race 2020.

As usual, it was a pleasant share of opinions and ideas. The situation, at the time of writing, is special: all Italy is locked down, due to the quarantine for the Coronoavirus. Russia got the contagion, but not yet at our levels.
However, the information that focused attention was all that related to OCR World Championships by FISO which take place in Sochi, September.

There will be four competitions that will take place during the OCR world championships

Ninja Track

The 100m competition, with 12 obstacles. Already seen during the European Championships, it will certainly be exciting. The reason? This type of race, not very popular in Italy, has a large following in Russia. There are many videos around, about the ARENA OF HEROES (Арена Героев), tracked with 12 obstacles, This means that – in our humble opinion – we will see some strong elements racing this shot track.

On a personal level, we had the opportunity to do more than a few workouts at one of the many obstacle gyms in Russia, the Ninjafit in Moscow, and we were impressed both by the skill of the instructors (all OCR athletes) and by the number of participants in the courses! This is why we dare to have this consideration, which does not want to be a foresight!

Short Race

The short version of the world race will be very special! In fact, according to the interview, the FISO guidelines on obstacle course will be applied, which suggest for a fast race. This implies that there will be only one attempt per obstacle (for the PROs). In case of failure, the band will be cut and the athlete will be out of ranking, directly. The race includes 3km +, with at least 20 obstacles.

Standard Race

Regarding this race, the two ladies were very clear, and we understood all that implies!
“The start is in a nice place on in the mountains, about 1000m high. The difference in altitude over 12 + km will be around 1000m, with at least 40 obstacles. It will be hot, to be September, because we are close to the sea.”
So, what does it mean? What does it imply?

That the race will be very tough, primarily due to the environmental factor. Running at altitude will reduce the oxygenation capacity of the blood, so – the athletes who are not used to it – will suffer a little bit more. And this kind of adaptation will be difficult to train, for people. Instead, it will be easier to train on the 1000m difference in altitude: anyhow, 1000m D+ will certainly make the race not soft!
Fortunately, the “Russian heat wave” will come to support – that’s what happened last year in Roza Khutor, a place close to the Olympic Village.

Andamento temperature Settembre 2019 a Roza Khutor
Temperature graph, September 2019, in Roza Khutor

As fara as we can see, temperatures will be perfect for a race.

The obstacles, as per deputy President’s own admission, will be new (not all of them), and will not be for everyone. The rules for penalties will be classic from the international championship: a single band, and infinite attempts at obstacles.

Team Relay

It will be the classic format, split into three parts: strength, technique and speed. The team is necessarily made up of three elements, including one or two women. The track will be 3+ Km, with 20 obstacles. Actually, during the interview they didn’t get into deep of this race.
“Off the air”, during side chats, ladies actually told us that it will be about 4km, since the last kilometer will be cooperative, as usual

End of interview

At the end of the interview, the ladies described the beauty of the region and Sochi and the seaside.

By the way, there will be the possibility to prepare the event on site, two weeks before the OCR race. The organization has in fact planned an OCR camp, at the place where the event will be held. A meeting dedicated to athletes, for a few days, where you can prepare yourself to face the competition in the best way (oh yes: if you can participate, consider that the body will get used to oxygen rarefaction very well).

What can we say? Russians, like us Italians, are very proud of being such, and they love their country. In this way, we can truly understand their feeling: so we are sure, for this reason, that we will appreciate the competition in Sochi very much.

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