The Race Series in Italian OCR


The race series are defined as races handled by the same organizer that take place in different contexts, and which normally – at the end of this ideal cycle – allow a special reward to be obtained, independently by the circuit (which we discussed in the previous article). The term comes from Spartan races, but has a different meaning for Italian races. Let’s see how and why.

  • Spartan races: the series are the races that gives the ranking of the Spartan championship, both Italian and for each nation. If a race is part of the series, the athlete’s score will be added to the national ranking (and will allow the qualification to European and world championships), otherwise it will be a race by itself (always with an arrival ranking anyway)
  • Inferno series: the series of the Inferno Run are instead a triptych of races (Inferno Snow, Inferno Water, Inferno Mud) that at the time of writing (March 2019) are organized in contexts (respectively) winter, aquatic, and with muddy part preponderant. They were the first Italian series, for which it is the most famous.
    If all three races are completed, you are entitled to a special medal.
  • Werewolf run series: this series has developed over the years, and this year has found its true identity. It is a triptych of three races that take place in central Italy, with the version (spent, at the time of writing) on ​​the Misano circuit, a woodland setting (Roio) and a marine one (San Vito).
    If you complete three races you are entitled to a special medal, the LYCAN
  • Apulia Ocr series: this serie is the biggest, since it takes the higher number of races (five races!), on the whole heel of Italy (Puglia region). The prize for those who race all the race is a huge medal, and you’ll get it if and only if you’ll complete the whole rrange of 5.
  • Ultimate vikings race: this series that takes place mainly in Val Camonica (Brescia) is characterized by a very similar natural setting, but in different situations: winter (winter, spent at the time of writing), dark (night), and the classic daytime in the summer.
    It is not yet organized with awards for all the races, but .. we hope for it!
  • 4 mori: the 4mori OCR series takes place in Sardinia, and there are 2 races that allow to compose the ranking of the series itself. They are the race of the Shardana tough race, the Hell’s beach, and – part of the of the same series – the Miner’s race
    In addition to the glory of the annals, those who complete the series can obtain a medal composed of two pieces, the “BeFecta” (name borrowed from the “modular” medal of the Spartan Race)
  • The Titan X-race, the Force Run, the Monte Orfano Cross race have all the races that are FIOCR affiliates and that are part of the regional championship, so they deviate a bit from the definition of series.
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